Empathy Dance

A healing dance for supporting and empowering your Empathic Self:

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Align: Ground  deep into the center of the earth.  Connect with your Higher Self and bring in Light. Get in your Body.

Nourish: Dance the receiving of nourishment from beauty, uplifting thoughts, wonderful feelings and your inspirations.

Truth: Dance your truth.  Sense in your space what is yours and what needs to be moved out.

Inspired Action:  Sense your priorities. Dance your inspired next step.

Gratitude: Dance your Gratitude

Journal: Write about your experience. How do you know when something resonates as yours?  What sensations, clues, feelings or thoughts let you know when you are carrying something that isn’t yours?  How might you use the energy and insights of this healing dance in life? What is one inspired practice or next step to take?

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Dance Your Holiday Spirit

Aloha Joyful Dancers

Around this Solstice and into the new year, we enter a time when religions and countries around the Globe have holidays and celebrations that center on what matters most in Life. Dance is a universal Celebration which can help us connect to what is Sacred.

Christmas Morning On Maui, celebrate by Dancing Your Holiday Spirit from 9:00- 10:15 am at the Island Surf Building ( Suite 216) with Resonance Dance™.  Dance in the LIGHT to the Power of our Deepest and Highest Good.

Slow Movement &  Community & Improvisation & Witness Dancing.

Happy Holidays to all.

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When we feel and move from Joy, our head and hearts are aligned and we resonate with healing energy.  From this Joy energy, we move in a way that supports the body and its present moment deepest and highest good priority needs.

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The Big Alignment

How to Feel More Connected, Worthy and Peaceful for the Holidays and Beyond: Dancing Gratitude


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