Welcome to Resonance Dance!

Resonance Dance is a powerful movement practice designed to awaken to and liberate our True Essence. This is a next level healing movement practice, deepening the mind, body, spirit experience. Using the wisdom of the Enneagram, we accelerate the integration of the parts of us disowned from a very young age in order to survive and get our needs met. These missing parts are needed to make us whole.  From this place of wholeness, we have  access to a full range of choices in each moment, beyond our habits and reactivity. We can now more clearly see and hear the Truth and make conscious choices from love over fear in our lives.

Resonance Dance helps us experience and open to the resonance of the truth of who we really are.  It helps us build trust in the goodness of Life. We being to perceive how life actually is supporting us to our greatest destiny and potential. When we build basic trust, we can then open and allow ourselves to be held by Life.  Now we have  a wealth of resourcefulness to contain all of it, empowering us to rise to who we are destined to become.

Mind Body Spirit

Bringing our awareness to mind, body, spirit helps us balance and become more present.  It is the  unknowing addiction to our personality that keeps us from becoming fully present, sometimes not even knowing how not present we have been.  When we become reactive, we often are not aware that our personality has taken over our spiritual growth and wisdom for getting its needs met. This  is a limiting way of being in the world affecting the depth of intimacy, connection and possibility available for us.

We are much more resourceful and are capable of greater breakthroughs. Practicing awareness and presence, with the knowledge of basic fears, motivations and magic keys, we invite in  accelerated healing. We begin moving from feeling stuck towards a healthy integrated ego.   With Presence and Resonance, we have the possibility of going even further, liberating ourselves from our ego and to begin life at a whole new level of Freedom.

We balance our three centers with cognitive intention and bolster with a variety of inspired rich healing movement for our Deepest and Highest Good.

In the body center, we practice coming into our body, more fully; sustaining that felt sense. We physically sense our power, vitality, energy and aliveness. In the right timing, we work with conscious and unconscious anger, rage and underlying hurt. This helps us know and connect with the truth that we do matter. From this truth, we connect more deeply with  and sense the inherent goodness and beauty of Life.

In the heart center, we dance with space and relationship for an intimate experience of reality. We make contact with our heart taking in nourishment from air, earth, people and places. We are guided when to work with sadness, grief and shame from not being authentically connected to our heart, others or the our environment. This exploration helps us touch into the Ground of Being, the sweetness and Love of being held by the Universe.

In the head center, we bring our cognitive awareness to what is, reality and the moment. We practice awakening to curiosity and a capacity to open to new possibilities. We dance and play with fear or anxiety from having lost our basic trust. We develop our capacity to see what we can create and generate anew. With the help of Resonance, we experience true mind enhancing our inner guidance and sense of our greatest potential and possibilities.

To bring a Resonance Dance to your Retreat, Workshop or Conference, contact Ann at astara25@yahoo.com including Resonance Dance in the subject line. Sessions also available on SKYPE.