Joy Gallery

Here are photos from Joyful events Produced for Dancing Gratitude, Dance Anywhere, Nia Flash Mob at Whole Foods and Dancemeditation™

Dancing Gratitude Nia Jam

Dancing Gratitude Nia Jam on Maui

Dance Anywhere 2014

Dance Anywhere on Maui 2014

Dance Anywhere on Maui 2013

Dance Anywhere on Maui 2013

Dance Anywhere 2011

Dance Anywhere in Sarasota 2011

SWF Expo

Dancing Gratitude at Southwest Florida Women’s Expo

May Day

May Day Gratitude Dancing in Sarasota


Dancing Gratitude in Seattle


Joy Dancing inside Whole Foods

Nia Flash Free Dance inside SRQ Whole Foods


SRQ Nia Flash Mob outside Whole Foods

Nia Flash Mob Dance outside Whole Foods

SRQ Park Dance 5

Nia SRQ Whole Foods Flash Mob Spills over to Bayfront Park


SRQ Park 2

Nia Flash Free Dance SRQ Park


Dancemediation™ in Sarasota:

Dancemeditation 5 Dancemeditation 4Dancemeditation 2Dancemeditation in SRQ Dancemeditation 3