Movement and Healing Influences:

A holistic therapeutic/healing system and map incorporating a wide range of energy psychology tools; kinesiology testing, and effective Spiritual alignment principles to identify and resolve pinnacle issues resolving them completely with permanence. Learn how to channel for your deepest and highest good and read energy: Resonance Therapy®, Resonance Healing®

Learn how to move slowly, experience deep healing states and enter the realm of the mystic; annual movement monastery retreats held at Raven Rock north of Sante Fe, New Mexico. 80 day Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training Certfications offered: Dancemeditation®

A comprehensive Movement Healing System, consisting of nine movement forms fashioned after the martial arts. Progress through 13 new principles in each of the 4 belts for personal growth or to teach. A system based upon Joy, the education format includes: White Belt-The Body and Awareness, Blue Belt- Communication, Relationship and Intimacy, Brown Belt- Energy; Black Belt- The Unknown. Wealth of continuing education and worldwide training/workshop/class opportunities: The Nia Technique. Click here for an early on video back in the 80’s by Founders Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas.

A Gratitude Practice, created by the founder of Fully in Your Flow,  that helps go beyond our personality and defenses to get in touch with our Essence utilizing gratitude to feel our way into the Present moment and offering greater everyday Abundance and Joy: Dancing Gratitude. Research has established a link between a regular gratitude practice and increased happiness.  Dancing Gratitude is a practice of embodying gratitude that helps us re-build Basic Trust in ourselves, others and the Universe.

Learn how to expand consciousness around being a woman and expand thinking beyond limits with tools from the School of Womanly Arts

Energy Psychology:

What is polarity, how to check your polarity and body testing (dowsing)  Polarity Self Check

Learn how to effectively work with your powerful subconscious with Larry Nims, Ph.D, Creator of Be Set Free Fast:

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The Enneagram Personality System

This system is based upon ancient wisdom and modern psychology found in a nine pointed circle containing two geometric shapes that contain spiritual Laws. This system helps develop kindness and compassion to ourselves and others. We learn to develop deeper presence and understand our core motivations and habits. Great opportunity for true and significant transformation.

The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide To Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types ~ Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

Introducing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) ~ Joseph O’Connor & John Seymour