“I have danced in the joy of Resonance Dance with Ann several times.  I find it an amazing way of using free form dance movement to connect me to my inner thoughts and desires, to unlock stuck energies.  Ann’s choices of songs, subtle suggestions, and cueing create a space of flowing energy that allows my thoughts and feelings to freely arise.  Afterwards I feel open, aligned, balanced, and more in-tune with my inner self.  It’s a wonderful experience.” – Kitt, Maui

“My dear friend Ann has created Resonance, a dance incorporating all realms of our being….mind, body, emotions, and spiritual. We set our Apple TV’s and were able to dance together using Skype. With today’s technology no distance is too far to share our time and our stories with each other! After clearing the space and setting my intentions, Ann guided me thru music, and used EFT (tapping), and TAT, (Tapa Acupressure Technique), to ground my intentions. I was able to release many negative emotions and let go of my perfectionist behaviors. I also connected with my Inner Knowing and Wisdom. I truly felt so calm and peaceful after our session and and slept like I have not slept in a long time. I am so grateful for Ann and our friendship over the last 14 years…the 6000 mile distance does not matter!
I wish Ann the best with her Resonance work as she continues to bring her gifts forth to others! God Bless!” – Barb, Sarasota